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Hello all,

I am 28 y/o in the Navy, I have been a "closet" prepper for some time now but with things going on in our country these days I have been growing quite weary. I have alot of training in the area in survival, with the Navy, I am trying to figure out ways to make it a game for my wife and 3 year old daughter. I am unable to get larger amounts of ammo and weapons. I have my bug out kit set up and am trying to get two larger bug out kits ready as well. I have many ideas and am able to make more out of little. I am going to try to try to stay west coast through out my career and am wondering where I can get books about, food gathering and the use of plants and trees for medicinal use. I am an open book when it comes to my ideas and ability to create things/ equipment.
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Welcome to the forum. Former closet prepper here as well, graduated after I started watching how the economy went downhill, and watching shows like dual survivor, doomsday preppers, man/woman wild, anything les stous. Spending more time just walking around in the woods nowadays gives me a sense of releif of everyday stress. Used to scream like a little girl when I saw a snake, but now I chase them. Not afraid of nothing anymore except one thing (rather fall in a river of crocs against someone putting a praying mantis on my shoulder :lol:

Anyway, welcome to the forum, ask any question over and over, and please answer as much as you know on a particular topic. Very friendly prepper forum here.
Post anywhere right now, after a few posts you'll start seeing the layout of the forum a little better. We are always working to make it easier for everyone. We can move threads, split threads, copy threads, merge etc. I know a lot of other forums yell and gripe if you don't put a certain thread where it is supposed to be. not this forum. Trying to make it as friendly as we can.

Usually General Prepper and survival talk is where you can post just about anything.

You have also gave me a great idea to start a category on Military, or Military talk/experience. Thanks!
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