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Hello buckinbronco66 and thank you for your service. A game that I play with my family is that I go extremely slow and let them bring out the preparedness in themselves. We were born survivors at anything we do. I'll be watching a show and something like a natural disaster will come on, then I'll mumble that we need to check to see if the wife's family has extra food or water, or I'll say something along the lines of that we need to store a few bottles of water in case something happens to her family and they need to come here. At that point her ears perk up and prepping begins. I've been very successful doing this so far and the inventory and obsession (for myself) has increased where I can sleep better at night. For the kids, they just go alone with anything I say regardless. I'm sure if they were older then they would turn the other ear at me. Either how you do it, you know your doing something right for your family. You don't want to be the one on the street after a disaster while knowing it was something you could have done to prevent it and seeing others with food and water while your family has none.

Out of my moral upbringing, you are a very good person to go this direction, and I thank you for being a good person in this world. Welcome.
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