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well the choice has been made for me

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just got back from the hospital getting mu hear checked short breath, pain,etc.
So everything is ok(all praises be to GOD)But still need a knee replacement, so i cant got running all over the place, now it has turned into a back against the wall situation.
I can go to a friends house in the hill country. And thats about all. so now have to rethink my prep, i have seeds, first aide, etc, ammo ,guns,
but if that falls through its shore up and stand my ground. thoughts please:?:
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Do you live in a house , apartment , rural , urban ? , You will get more useful advice if members know what you have to work with.
sorry you are right i dont explain my self well i live on a dead end st, in a mobile home, none are preppers!

just outside a major city. now what? I have a grand baby momma 2 girls, i like these people but i cant take care of everyone
The bottom line is, you are going to need help. Enough people to sleep in shifts, and stand watch 24hrs a day, for a long period of time. A dog would be a valuable asset. Your neighbors may have no intrest in prepping now, but when SHTF they will most likely be willing to organize, and you must be prepared to lead. Train, and educate yourself as much as possible, when the time comes, you are going to be the teacher.
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I myself am backed against a wall right now with my legs still so wobbly they can't hold me up for long periods. I ordered more ammo, put away some more food and plan on bugging in at least this year.
yeah looking at things from a tactical point of view w live on a dead end street, and it backs up to a a pasture one way in one way out.
so far have been stocking up as best i can. trying to hip them but so far no luck.
but i wont leave them
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