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Well, got my new SW/SSB radio in and one thing I noticed,

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is that there is a lot of prepper talk on the short wave of what I can pick up. Everything from government activities, to virus threats and theories of purposeful contamination of society, guns and supplies and political grief. I wish I got better signal indoors but my place is packed with lots of concrete. The little ATS-505 is not bad though and I like it's features. A radio that picks up SW and SSB should be a prep for everyone I think. I'm pretty sure, when shtf though, I'm going to have to climb up on the roof with a rifle for security at the same time, hook up the long antenna to a tree and listen to find out what's going on while doing security watch.


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Radio aerials will be the dinner bell of the new epoch. The golden arches of the new world order. Mount it in your attic. That way the zombies will pass you over.
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