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Well, got my new SW/SSB radio in and one thing I noticed,

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is that there is a lot of prepper talk on the short wave of what I can pick up. Everything from government activities, to virus threats and theories of purposeful contamination of society, guns and supplies and political grief. I wish I got better signal indoors but my place is packed with lots of concrete. The little ATS-505 is not bad though and I like it's features. A radio that picks up SW and SSB should be a prep for everyone I think. I'm pretty sure, when shtf though, I'm going to have to climb up on the roof with a rifle for security at the same time, hook up the long antenna to a tree and listen to find out what's going on while doing security watch.


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You could easily build a fractal antenna that would have much better reception in a very small package. Cell phones use fractal antennas and so do other radio receivers. There are even Fractal antennas available for digital TV receivers.
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