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Weight for a BOB?

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I am curious to what the veterans on here bug out weighs. I was in the Army for 10 years with the infantry and I am use to road marching with a rucksack with about 80 to 100 lbs of gear. The weight was dependent on if we had ammo or not. I am also wondering if the army rucksack would be a good bug out bag to have.

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Is the BOB something to be thrown in your vehicle to bug out with or is it going on your back? Rule of thumb for hoofing it, is half the weight is gear & half firearms, ammo, & cleaning kits. About 15lbs just for empty rifle & handgun.
Base load with ALICE gear & M14 was 42lbs. That weight always ended up 60lbs plus. A second canteen. Repack bandolier. Extra pouch with two mags. Plus everyone carried some squad common gear even if it was just a belt for the M60.

My point is to decide on the weight limit. First put your combat load together. Then the balance of the weight survival gear. Water is critical.
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