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I would not bother with the masks for the purpose of preventing myself or others from getting sick from a virus. Living a healthy lifestyle (diet, sunlight, fresh air, exercise, PH balance, detoxification, cyclic rest, personal hygiene, natural immunity, etc.) is likely far more effective than a mask. I understand the purpose of vaccines, and believe some of them can work ... despite their toxicity ... but I would never take the covid-19 'vaccine' or even a flu vaccine, because the risk of being harmed or killed by the vaccine is so much more likely than being harmed or killed by covid-19 or the flu.

For example: when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, my husband and I had bronchitis, which for us was mild and only lasted for a few days. The midwife however ... she came over to our house to help me to deliver my daughter ... a month early (not relevant but thought I'd include it anyway) ... and did not believe in vaccines at all, and made it a point to avoid exposure to all microbes, except for the probiotics that she intentionally consumed. Anyway, the midwife got bronchitis from us, and she was very ill for a few weeks.

A mask may be effective for preventing things that are larger than the holes between fibers (like dust) from getting through, but not for any virus.

Other more effective options may include:
colloidal / ionic silver
copper (metal surfaces)
steam cleaning
washing hands with soap water (for 20+ seconds, before and after eating, before food handling, after going to the bathroom, and after likely exposure to pathogens)
UV-C light (200-280 nm for 1-15 minutes)
sunlight (6+ hrs)
nutrients (vitamin C, vitamin D, copper, zinc, quercetin, probiotics, etc.)
healthy lifestyle
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