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What is the best way to store "wealth" that has the greatest shelf life and value under the widest range of US catastrophes? I'm not talking about normal-day "wealth", I'm talking prepper "wealth" Keep in mind the need to travel with your "wealth" vehicle at least, on body as last resort.

Let me clarify. This is about "wealth" for trade, barter or purchase, not personal use. In today's world, "wealth" is stored in investments, cash, and other material goods that are useless when SHTF. What "wealth" is still of value when it's not today...but tomorrow.

1) Cash? (Would that be worthless in an economic collapse.)
2) Precious metals? (What the heck does that do for anyone. Understanding it's "value" is not so easy or universal.)
3) Food? (Rotation sucks...takes up a lot of space. What particular food item would be a good choice?)
4) Ammo? (Good shelf life...but will it be of universal interest for trade? Weighs a lot.)
5) Drugs? (prescription and/or recreational.)
6) Alcohol?
7) Fuel?
8) Firearms?
9) Land? (will it matter after SHTF if you actually have the land title...probably not)
10) Tobacco? (probably only good for prisoners)

Intangible wealth?
1) Having lots of friends or folks that owe you a favor?
2) Survival knowledge?
3) Medical knowledge? (everyone wants a doctor/nurse on their side)

These are just some thoughts that come to my mind. I realize there may not be "one" best way, and a variety is important...none-the-less... What are your opinions/ideas? What would be your top 3 ways for storing "wealth".

PS. Happy New Year!
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