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If your traveling you in trouble from the start you are a target. Barter is overrated, most likely any effort to barter will end up in a shoot out.
Ammo sores very well if kept dry and away from oil I have stuff that was boxed in the 1950's still prefect
Food just depends can good need to be dry others a root cellar
Land fire arms and everything you have must be secured or your just holding for the ones that will take it. We have our spot and are holding it now.
We have copied volumes to CD and hard drives and will have a few good laptops in storage and power to run them when we need information.
Our groups has a few with Combat life saver training at high levels and some EMT back round
And a good old school blacksmith with tools.
Our view is security is number one with out it and the numbers to support it the rest in gone anyway.
Because we are staying here food is stored all ready we also have the knowledge and resources to begin growing our own first spring if it hits in winter.
We looked for a long time at all the option ,it became clear for us that staying on land we hold away from the city was the best option and the most secure. Once we made that call we focus our efforts on making it work.
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