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Gotta drink! When the power goes off so does the water most places, mine included. The municipal water supply is mostly wells and water towers. After the water towers are empty so is the tap.

One way to treat water is household bleach. Bleach gets old and loses potency over time. Recommended treatment with bleach is 1 drop per pint for clear and 2/pint for cloudy. I have found through testing that this is not adequate and I would recommend doubling that amount.

Another way to treat is with calcium hypochlorite (pool shock). It come in concentration from 50 - 70+%. Stronger is better. You can buy it by the pound at Lowes and Walmart. I got the best stuff (73%) at Ace Hardware. A pound will treat about 10,000 gallons. It is not as easy to work with as bleach so here is a simple method that uses stuff you should have around.

To a 1 liter bottle (Gatorade works good because of the wide mouth) at 1 level teaspoon of the pool shock. Shake it up and let is set awhile. The solids will sink to the bottom. To treat water add 1 level teaspoon of this mixture to 1 gallon of water. Like all methods using chlorine dirty water takes more chlorine. The best way is to test with a pool water test strip. The USDA maximum level is 4 ppm. A little more ain't gonna kill you. Any level of residual chlorine is adequate.

The pool shock comes in plastic pouches that don't store well when opened. I use a big plastic peanutbutter jar to store it with a set of cheap plastic measuring spoons inside. Label it with mixing instruction.
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