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Water...... what is it worth to you?

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Water obviously comes from faucets and pipes..... right? "NORMAL" isn't what prepping is about. Everyone here knows that one of the absolute requirements for life is a constant supply of drinking water yet we spend money and time preparing all of the other items for times that aren't "normal" but have taken water for granted for so long that it is often not really considered while prepping for emergencies.

I have spent most of my adult life earning a living by finding and developing water supplies for the brave souls who venture away from the "Pipes" and town to have their own, independent life in rural areas. I am constantly reminded of our general lack of appreciation for a good supply of drinking water until we can't connect to the public pipes. Suddenly we realize that we have no idea how and from where drinking water is gotten for our house! It is startling. Now what? The questions have never even occurred to most folks.

People with wells have invested a lot of money answering the questions. They have drilled a well and installed a good electric submersible pump system..... and after a year or so, go back to thinking water comes from their faucets.... naturally :D It DOES when the power is on.

Customers have asked me for a hand pump that can be installed permanently on their well, with the main system in the well, ever since I entered the industry in 1973 and my answer was "there aren't any that will fit with the submersible system in place. They won't fit." A few years ago some pumps appeared that would and most of them work well within limitations. Some required professional help to install because of the weight. Some are obviously built for temporary use only. We were pleased to see them appear but realized that there were aspects we could address to make the investment more worthwhile.

As a professional, I would require my emergency pump to be as simple in function and ease of installation as possible while providing a solid water supply with enough pressure to energize my house pressure system if needed. I would want the exposed pump handle structure to be solidly mounted and weather and freeze protected. I would want the materials used to meet all NSF standards for potable water. I want rugged, simple quality for my money. I use my own requirements for anything I recommend to a customer.

I couldn't find a hand pump that satisfied my requirements so I teamed with a partner who, as a pump company specialist and machinist, I could team with to build one to our specifications. It proved to be a challenge that took all Summer and Fall but we designed and built the Storm Pump that I introduced in another thread here earlier. We have shipped our first units to Alaska and accept all major credit cards through PayPal as well as checks, etc. I invite anyone interested to visit our website Storm Pump Emergency manual backup hand pump for your deep well , follow the links for details, and call or email me to ask questions.

[email protected]
208-277-7416 (free anywhere on Skype)
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I live right next to one of the largest fresh water lakes in Northern Europe, theres a bunch of wells and underground watersources aswwell. But water is everything, without it we have nothing, and we would be nothing.
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As a matter of interest, do wells freeze solid in winter? What do we do then?
We drill a hole in the ice, we have special drills that we usualy use when we go ice fishing that we use :)
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