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Water Storage

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Hi, I'm new to the site and new to prepping. I'm a military spouse based outside of Ft Bragg, NC and full of millions of questions, but just one for now. We live on base housing off post and there's been a lot of electrical and water shut offs with no warning. Being in the military, money is tight. Can I store water for household cleaning and toilet flushing in a cleaned, heavy duty, 2 gallon detergent container? And how long would the water keep without having to refill?
We have 4 special needs children so we basically need to stay put unless it's absolutely necessary to get out.
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Thanks for such a quick reply! They are laundry detergent containers so they are pretty hefty. And we use no dye, no perfume, everything, so not as many chemicals in it to start. My 4 youngest children are autistic, so using the bathroom anywhere but their own toilet is a struggle in itself. This water would strictly be for flushing. We will purchase containers for drinking. Thanks for the advice.
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