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Water Storage

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Hi, I'm new to the site and new to prepping. I'm a military spouse based outside of Ft Bragg, NC and full of millions of questions, but just one for now. We live on base housing off post and there's been a lot of electrical and water shut offs with no warning. Being in the military, money is tight. Can I store water for household cleaning and toilet flushing in a cleaned, heavy duty, 2 gallon detergent container? And how long would the water keep without having to refill?
We have 4 special needs children so we basically need to stay put unless it's absolutely necessary to get out.
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Welcome to the forum! What kind of detergent? If you're sure not to use it for drinking or consumption of any kind, including washing dishes (unless it was already dish detergent), I think that would work. It might be more practical to find different ways of doing those things that don't require water, such as a composting toilet instead of keeping water for flushing. For drinking water, I save all of our vinegar and -- when we used to drink it -- juice jugs, but not the flimsier water bottles or lightweight plastics.
If you're purchasing water containers, it might work out to be cost effective to get something like these: Shelf Reliance® Deluxe BPA Free 55-gallon Barrel Water Storage System. They include water treatment to keep the water for I think 5 years. A filter to allow you to drink water from pretty much any source might be a good idea too, because it's very difficult to store enough water for long term, especially with a large family.
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