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Walmart Asks Employees to Donate to Employees

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How vulgar is this? The company that profited 15.7 billion dollars last year is asking low wage employees to donate food to other low wage employees.

Wal-Mart Asks Workers To Donate Food - Business Insider
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I don't know why everyone gets all butt hurt about a company making a profit. Big or Small, they are in business to make money. Thats what Makes America, the ablity to go out there and WIN. Nothing wrong with what they are doing at all. People are not forced to work there at gun point.
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Yeah, anyone can make $$,
but if you are running a business, you cant treat the people who work for you like little shits. they are laboring for your profit, give em some respect.
They can treat them however they want as long as they are not breaking any laws, any business can. Wal-Mart is just demonized because of their size, and because they do turn a profit. Wal-Mart is a prime example of Capitalism at its best. If you do not like it vote with your wallet and never step foot in one again.

Walmart puts local business out, sucks the life from a small town. they are tyrants, bullies.. Like monsanto puttin our farmers out of work. its not right, thats why i stress buying local
Again this is how Capitalism works, the guy with the best widget at the best price will win 98% of the time. Mom and Pop shops 98% of the time are prices at a 20 to 30% premium compared to most of these big box stores. I cannot afford to pay a 20 to 30% premuim so they can overcharge for product.

I do not work for walmart at all, I do work in sales though. I work for a large company and I know all to well how this works.
Eh, I do vote with my wallet. Didnt ya see where I said I dont shop there? I know theyre allowed to do it, but it doesnt mean its right. You're a little biased though, being a salesman.
I am still a consumer also, I spend money just like you.
I have found the less you make the harder you work. I am going to retire soon but my work is a lot easier at $36 an hour maintenance then when I was making a couple dollars an hour in my younger years working in places like Walmart. It seemed like each job that came along with more pay was easier.
I think you have a good point here.

Min. wage most of the time = min. skill.

Higher wages most of the time = more skill and responsibility.

People in most of the entry level jobs have almost no responsibility and accountability with their Job. You get paid for responsibility The more reasonability you have normally means the more pay you will receive in being compensated.

Prime example where I work. We all have a base pay, just a hair over min. wage. The more profit we make for the company the more it increase my pay.

Stocking the Shelf at a store helps but it's not going out and finding or increasing the bottom line for that business.

The people that are paid well help that business grow, expand and increase the bottom line.
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Lay-offs, childcare, lots of variables to consider when telling people to work more than one job and to not start a family... I do not believe in raising min wage, but inflation has been a bitch! Something has got to give. I've been fortunate, but I have family members that are doing all they can and still barely making it. Its not even about just Walmart or a companies fault.. I think the whole issue of living wage is on a larger scale than any company.
See that's the great thing about this country you control your destiny. You don't have to live in the poor house, it's just all about how much motivation you have to change this. I have worked very hard to get where I am. If it were not for bad luck I would have no luck at all. I have made my own success and worked very hard to get where I have. I have worked those low paying no skilled jobs before, and your right you cannot make a living at it but I decided to do something about it. It's not impossible it just simply takes hard work and time to get there.
Well, in my grandmother's case. My grandfather passed away unexpectedly and she lasted about 4 years until the life insurance went away and the social security... The only thing she has now is disability. She lost her home, the one that they worked years and years and years for. She moved into a smaller home and had a house fire and insurance only covered so much. She now lives with my uncle and hates it. I guess she should just get off her ass and control her destiny, yeah?
If you really want to go there, Yes. Why did she not invest the life insurance into something sustainable, or why did he not have enough life insurance to pay off the house and keep her in the lifestyle she was accustom to? Did she spend the insurance money on things needed or did she wastefully spend it. Don't have enough of the story. Crapy things happen, and Life can just plan suck some times. If things are so bad for her and she is not able to work and you want to make it better for her go get a second job to fix that for her. Why did they not plan better?

But that is exactly why we are on this site to begin with, Plan for the worst and pray for the best.
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Are you kidding me? Shes 80 freaking years old, and she pinched A LOT after he passed away. You sound like a privileged brat. You really do not come from lower middle class, do you? I dont think you have an inkling of what struggle is, friend
I am sorry you have to resort to name calling, Not my style. and unfortunately you know nothing about me. I was not privileged by any means. I was raised by a single mother raising 3 boys with no Father in site. She worked 2 very low paying jobs just to keep the power on and keep food on the table. I grew up wearing second hand clothes. I am sure you have heard the saying beans and rice, well that's what we ate. I started working at 12 years old to help my mother pay for things. I never had things given to me. I have always worked for what I have. I remember sitting in line for food stamps with my mom growing up because our father abandon us at a very young age.

I watched my mom struggle paying the bills and trying to keep us fed and clothed. I know first-hand what it is like to be poor. Like I said I have earned what I have and where I am at because I worked hard for it.

My childhood was a learning experience of what not to do, I grew up really fast because I had to. I learned you have to work hard and even harder to succeed in life. It will not be handed to you, you will have to earn it.
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so you know what its like to struggle, yet you can still put people down? Well, do you think that your mother shouldve waited to have kids? do you blame her for her situation? You'd think you wouldnt be so degrading and so quick to blame people for their circumstances, considering what your mother went through.
Not putting anyone down, just stating facts. I am sorry if some people just don't like them.
Maybe your mother shouldnt have had kids, instead of struggled.

Farfetched, right? Thats basically what you were saying.
Not what I was saying at all, She should have gotten a better education that would have produced a better income. Improved her income capablity. Her parents fault for not encourging that. She could have gone to night school and gotten a better education. Like I said I learned from my childhood what not to do. My mom was not pefect by any means and there are alot of things she could have done to do better.
Maybe if we didn't support a retailer who sells crap made in China we'd have more better paying jobs here.
The only problem with that is very little is actualy made in America, with that said I bet Wal-Mart carries more Made in America product than any other retailer. I just bought this weeking some plastic containers from there and was very supprised that they where in fact made in America.
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