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Walmart Asks Employees to Donate to Employees

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How vulgar is this? The company that profited 15.7 billion dollars last year is asking low wage employees to donate food to other low wage employees.

Wal-Mart Asks Workers To Donate Food - Business Insider
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Alabama is tough. I was in Huntsville for a bit and all I found was Walmarts and Targets.
Same with Georgia. I spent some time in Gainesville. When I first went up there, there was a sonic, and the "new" (2006?) super Walmart center to hang out at.

And I went to Gainesville to get AWAY from a big town and walmarts. Walmarts are a PARASITE! Plain and simple.
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Control your own destiny? Make great decisions when you're young?

I have to put my story out there.

I was working a great job. Still somewhat check to check, but bills paid, food on the table, a little savings, and a small discretionary fund. Then someone who wanted my job spread lies, they believed it even though multiple tests proved otherwise. I can't fight it because the reason they put for my let go, is hard to disprove (slow work)

So I was forced out of work. MONTHS later, I finally get a part time gig. It's just maintenance and janitorial work, but its something. I worked myself out of a job, because I cleaned the hell out of everything, did a bunch of preventative maintenance, and now I'm only needed once a week for a couple hours. Should I have sucked at my job, and guaranteed my hours? Maybe, but its not right. Hell, last week was a 2 hour water heater install and 1 hour of that was driving to the Home Depot, and buying it.

So I've applied for a full time job. Haven't gotten it yet, might not get it.

BUT until I got the part time job, I burned through my savings like cheap pot.

Then when I got that part time job, I bought stuff for my rainwater system, fixed up the house a bit more, bought some plants and trees, drip irrigation system, searched craigslist and found a working oven, nice kitchen sink, wood fence material, insulation for an outbuilding, bought a beretta M9 and ammo. Bought LED lights for most of the house. But I DID sell one of my cars to free up a tiny bit of cash.

I do have friends who think I'm making the wrong decisions. I should bank all my money I get. I should invest it in stocks or bonds. Even just letting it sit in a savings account builds interest according to them.

But I'm securing a lifestyle here. Fruit trees, a garden, watered by free water (rainwater), using as little energy as possible, using as little water as possible. Using as little gas (natural and gasoline) as possible. Putting food and supplies away for an emergency (natural disaster, or manmade)

I'm only 27. I'm playing with the cards I was dealt. I will always be able to look back and say I should have thrown away the pair of kings because I would have been dealt a pair of aces.

But the reality is, you do what you do when you do it. You make a decision, pray its the right one, because you can't go back and change it. And sometimes you're wrong. Very very wrong. You just work through it, and try to make it as best you can.

Hell, I live in a trailer. It's cold in here most of the time. But I bundle up. It's dry inside when its raining outside. It's a bit warmer inside, when its cold outside. It's a bit cooler when it's hot outside. Would I rather have a house on 100 acres? Oh he'll yeah. And one day I might. I just have to work up to it. It's not in the cards. It may never be. I'll know when the time gets here.

But I'm by far NOT lazy. Do I have my lazy days. Yes I do. But I put hard work I to stuff.

Pulled these out of the ground to make room for a garden Plant Vertebrate Tree Wood Wire fencing

That is a 6' ladder Plant Wood Ladder Tree Sky

Here is a before picture
Sky Cloud Plant Plant community Tree

And here is a bad after pic. Taken lower down the hill. To the left is where the yuccas were. To the right is where the garden area is.
Sky Plant Building Tree Land lot

I guess the point of my post is

No one has the same opportunities as another. The best we can do is work with what we have, work hard to improve our situation, and be as self reliant as possible.

I'm trying to reduce my cost of living as much as possible. Seems I'm spending MORE on things to be independent than if I were just to pay the damn bill haha
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I've worked quite a few different places in my lifetime, so I've had the joy of working for a small business owner, and I've had the "joy" of working for a large corporate chain. When I worked for the large chain, every single internal email and memo included quotes on the bottom about taking initiative, or going that extra mile. Most store policies or procedures had some ridiculous acronym to make them easy to remember, and you had to chant the mantra every time a big boss came around. As for that initiative they wanted you to take? Smoke... they absolutely hated when you took initiative. I had disgruntled employees coming to me after nearly every visit from some corporate cat, telling me how they had been lectured on proper procedure after they had proudly (and mistakenly) tried to explain something new they had done to earn the company more money.

The corporate culture is all about reproduction. They want drones. They're happy to have drones, but they tell you they want free thinkers so they trick people into believing they're important. I would happily pay higher prices to have nothing but local mercantiles. I would happily go to multiple stores to find what I needed if I walked into each one and was greeted by an old friend.

I could give a shit less about unions. That's a whole different topic. What I miss is small town USA. It's been murdered by the Wal-marts, and we'll probably never see it surface again.
I know what you mean. I worked for Kmart once. Only lasted about 5 months because of damn near the same reason. I found a way to organize the lures better, did it, and the girl that worked after my shift complained that she had nothing to do?!? Apparently she didn't like her job, and pissed time away "organizing" the lures/hooks. The boss knew I had organized them, and caught her pissing time away. But I got a reprimand because while I spent time organizing the lures, other parts of the department were in disrepair?!?

It wasn't that specifically the reason why I left. I ended up getting banned from the store because the guy on cart duty didn't like me and surrounded my truck with carts. I complained to the manager and she couldnt care less. So I climbed over the carts, and pushed my way through with my truck. They didn't think I'd do it.

About that time, I started working construction. I ended up working for this father son team. I organized the shop, kept the place clean and stocked. It was awesome. But work slowed down and I moved on. Worked for them again later, but they had already hired someone else that totally disorganized the shop again. But the son gave me a bunch of clothes when I was working for them the second time. I had moved out of state, lost everything and had come back. Had literally the clothes I was wearing, and that's it. Would a big company have done that?
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