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Waht do you guys think?

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What do you guys think?

Okay, so I cut and pasted this post from a reply I wrote in the introduction section this morning.

Originally Posted by 9UC

"Welcome from Las Vegas, Nevada. Ok Mods and Admins, we need to change the forum name to Prepper"

Hey not that kind of fraternizing! We may end up with "The Gay Scouts of America" do you really think we need the "Gay Prepper Forum?". Well in that case let me toss out a few more in the interests of inclusion and equality:

"The New Gay Black Panthers"
"The Gay United Way"
"The Gay Nation of Islam" (boy they hate being called that)
"The NAAGCP" (sound it out)
"NPR" (nuff said)
"Baby Gap" (not gay, but those little headless baby mannequins always creep me out!)
"Gay Radio Shack" or the "Gay Shack" for short.
"The Gay Center for Responsive Politics (or Gay CRP) (I can't make this stuff up)
"Planned Gay Parenthood"
"Gay Meals on Gay Wheels"
"The Catholic Church" (no wait, thats for pedophile priest...Who Are Gay!)
"Gay Disney Land"
"Gay Disney World"
the "Gay Pirates of the Carribean"
"Gay Epcot Center"
"Gay Goldman Nut Sachs" (okay, so I added nut, sue me!)
"Gay Standards and Poor People... Who are Gay!"
the"New York Gay Stock Exchange"
"Nasdaq" (looks gay to me)
"Junior Gay Acheivement"
"The Gay NRA" (it rhymes)
(see any patterns here)
The Ophra WInfrey Show" (what? too soon?)
the "Jeremy Kyle Show"
the "Wendy Williams Show"
the "Gay Peoples Court"
the "Steve Wilkos Show"
"Gay Saturday NIght Live"
"The Gay Tonight Show"
"The Rosie Odonnel Show"
"Guns and Gay Roses" (the band)
"The Gay United Nations"
"The Gay European Union"
"Gay Hamas" (not really gay but being called gay really pisses them off)
"Gay Al qaeda" (see above)
"Gay Parents Without Gay Partners"
"The Gay Vatican" (see line item #10)
"Gay Chick Filet" (hey it could happen)
"Gay Hooters" or..."Hooters and Tooters"
"The Gay Foundation for a Better Life"
"Gay Head Start"
"A Million Gay Men's March"
"Applebees" (not really gay, just don't like Applebees')
"The Gay Ringling Brother's & Barnum and Bailey Circus" (might be gay, but clowns creep me out)
"General Gay Mills"
"The Gay White House"
"The Gay Supreme Court"
"The Gay Department of Homeland Security"
"The New Gay Scotland Yard"
"Gay Buckingham Palace"
"Gay Russia" (not gay but Yeltsin really hates being called gay)
"Gay China" (might be gay, but sound really funny when complaining about being called gay)
"Gay India" (so upset about being included with "Gay Russia" and "Gay China" that they have "new gay atom bomb" to kill all the straight people, but not the cows)
the "AAGRP" (grey, but gay)
the "Gay NBA"
"Major League Gay Baseball Association"
the "Gay Boys of Summer"
the "Gay World Series"
the "Gay National Football Association"
the "Gay Superbowl"
"The Tour De France"
"Ping Pong"
the "Westminster Gay Dog Show"
the "Gay Sweet Sixteen"
the "Gay Final Four"
the "WNBA"
"Gay Major League Soccer"
the "Gay National Hockey League"
the "Gay Stanley Cup Finals"
"Words with Gay Friends"
"The View"
the "Gay Skins"
the "Gay Masters"
the "Gay Ryder Cup"
the "Tournament of Roses Parade"
Mormons "The Church of Gay Latter Day Saints" (whew! almost missed that one...)
the "United Gay Auto Workers Union" or "UGAW"
the "ACGLU"
the "Gay U.S. Army"
the "Gay U.S. Navy"
the 'Gay Air Force"
the "Gay Air National Guard"
the "Gay Coast Guard Reserves"
(yes I purposely did not list the Corp)
"Gay Jeopardy"
the "New Gay Price is Right"
"The Biggest Loser"
the "Gay Apprentice"
"American Idol"
"Gossip Gay Girl"
and the "Ellen Degenerous Show"

Have I missed anyone? Got any suggetions members?
Just the letterhead and the cost to change the signage, business cards and websites alone make this a costly bad idea.

What am I ? Alone on this one too?

punch (I'm a people guy)
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Punch, you have way too much time on your hands.
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Punch, you have way too much time on your hands.
True dat. But I am self-employed and I do not want to ride a desk 40 hrs a week. But you are right. An idle mind is the devil's workshop. I'll dial it back a few clicks. New project is starting on Monday. I hope you feller's can soldier on without li'l ole me. I really do need to push away from the keyboard. Theres just way too much crap on the tele. I appreciate and I accept your criticism. Thanks for treating me like a gentleman. If I don't insult or offend you before tomorrow, Have a good weekend sir! God Bless you and yours. I hope the weather is good for you up there in yankeeland, lol Take good care.

punch (now in a handy travel size)
Man, that's so...., well, nevermind.
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Did ya ever notice that when you open a page here, like on other boards, ads you can click on are available at the top of the thread? They go by key words in the posts. There is nooooo way I'm clicking on any that are at the top of THIS page.:eek:
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Another Don Rickles. Excellent.
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