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While looking through some of my grandfather's documents, I ran across this recipe. He was born in Romania and the family immigrated to the US when he
was young. Although he loved his new country he held on to many customs, especially recipes for food that made him feel closer to his heritage.
Grandpa was a very frugal man and appreciated food/drink that were inexpensive, practical and delicious. I think that this recipe for visinata meets all
those critera and is why he held on to it.


wide mouth gallon jug with lid
approx 4 - 5 lb of sugar
approx 4 - 5 lb of sour cherries

wash cherries and remove the stem but leave the stones in

in the jar, layer the sugar and a layer of cherries and repeat until the jar is filled

Put on lid

Set the jar in the sun and dissolve sugar...3 or 4 days

stir with a wooden spoon

put contents of jar in a canning kettle

add 1 qt of %100 vodka

add 1 pint of dark rum

mix contents together and let set for 2 days

after 2 days, strain liquid, bottle and cap

Put the cherries in a jar and cap

P.S. While talking to my mom about finding this recipe, she told me that she had heard of old timers making something very similar to visinata but they called their product cherry bounce.

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This sounds awesome. My friend's mother used to make something like this and they would but the brandied cherries on ice cream or in cakes. It's lethal! The cherries did not last too long.
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