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Viability of raising quail and microgreens for everyday use and survival?

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Hello all.

I came across a coworker who grows his own micro greens in his kitchen, I became interested in this and would like some more information.
Is it viable to grow this from a prepper stand point, in say my two car garage? Also I currently already raise my own quail, to feed my hawks and falcons. Would these be viable to eat in a survival situation?

(i currently raise in the area of 3000-5000 quail at any time) I also have at least a 1 car garage area or I could possibly build a greenhouse (depending on cost) to raise some form of greens.

My goal is to supply myself year around with both meat and greens.

How practical is this idea?

Any info on this, or other ideas would be great.
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Have you eaten your quail? wondering how much meat you are getting for the effort. I have been interested in raising them myself but hesitate since they are so small and seem to require more effort than something like the chickens and geese. So far hands down my geese are my favorite for a more reason than I will mention hear.
How much do they eat and is it something you can give them from your surrounding area or do you have to depend on purchasing feed somewhere?
I have tried eating them, I only have a family of two, with 6 week old quail, which is what I feed my hawks, (and this is about full grown) we figured about 3-4 of them would make a dinner, supplemented with other items such as the micro greens, garden, foraging, food stores, and hunting we could easily get by with 2 per meal rather than 3-4. There are also the eggs to mention although they are tiny quail lay an egg almost everyday, so long as you remove them. 3 eggs is one chicken egg, and with the constant egg production I really think we could make it. I did a head count yesterday and we have over 4500 quail and I picked up over 1000 eggs in one day. Although we hatch 90% of them currently with incubators, we could alternate that in survival situations. Im working on plans for solar power for the freezers and incubators in a bad situation, that way we can production up 100% that currently would be our only downfall.

I currently raise them as a business and as a hobby, so I figure, I should try to use them in the event that something happens, no? I use their excrement as a fertilizer for my garden and will do the same for micro greens that i am going to grow. Although greens are easier to grow in large quantities in comparison to meat, we have long winters in northern New Mexico and limited growing seasons.
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