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Viability of raising quail and microgreens for everyday use and survival?

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Hello all.

I came across a coworker who grows his own micro greens in his kitchen, I became interested in this and would like some more information.
Is it viable to grow this from a prepper stand point, in say my two car garage? Also I currently already raise my own quail, to feed my hawks and falcons. Would these be viable to eat in a survival situation?

(i currently raise in the area of 3000-5000 quail at any time) I also have at least a 1 car garage area or I could possibly build a greenhouse (depending on cost) to raise some form of greens.

My goal is to supply myself year around with both meat and greens.

How practical is this idea?

Any info on this, or other ideas would be great.
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Food will require a lot of time and labor with out modern day equipment. Any thing you can do is going to help .
Hunting well not be that great after a while. Once people start killing everything in sight to eat it will get hard and hard to find the free stuff.
A mix of different ideas and system will likely be the best, fine tuned over time.
As for how your idea will work , try it live off it for a year see how it goes.
Good luck keep us posted.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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