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In the 1970's I was shooting US military surplus ammo dated 1918 in my Garand. Right now I have 7.62X54R for my Mosin Nagants that is Bulgarian made in 1954. I also am shooting 1950's Korean M2 Ball in my Garand and Springfield. I have 1976 Chinese 7.62X39 that works just fine.
None of this was vacuum sealed, in fact some of it has not even been stored in ammo cans.
I keep my ammo out in my barn due to the amount on hand, and it regularly gets up to 110 F in there in the summer.
This past year I did bring home a non-working refrigerator to put in the barn as a large ammo can. This will give some protection against high heat, but really, most modern powder can handle high temps. I have shot 357 magnum that was in my truck gun that had been inside the truck for well over a year. And summer in Florida will get vehicle interior temps to 140F and above.
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