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Understanding Gold and Silver with Regards to Rights and Deeds

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For those who are interested in the value of silver and gold and why those who are really in power prefer you buy with fiat currency.

When [?] Gold And Silver Bottom Is Irrelevant To Your Financial Health | Gold Silver Worlds
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This link is nothing more than a sales pitch.

The gold and silver industry bet too highly on ever increasing prices. They created their own bubble. They have excessive inventories of non-currency coins, bars and ingots. They need fiat currency to satisfy their debts. This is a factual lesson that gold and silver are not money no matter what the Ron Paul cult says.

I get it!

Good Joke.
When you buy at peak prices and the price drops then you are left with more debt than the PMs that you own are worth. If you can sell the PMs at more inflated prices then you can pay your bills. Sounds just like the housing market - a manipulated collapse.
The point is, silver and gold have never been worth nothing

Paper money ALWAYS becomes worth nothing, the trick is to buy when the difference is most blatant.

It's not a short term play but it will always be the smart play.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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