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Underground shelter and air circulation?

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We are going to construct an underground facility that will span about 150,000 SF over the build out.
We are wondering what you use to circulate air underground?
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Good question. Close quarters with poor circulation would be a concern if someone was in the sick bay area. I think there was a Nat Geo prepper show that had a similar situation where the guy duct taped a air tube that inflated when he turned on some type of air blower (think of those used for home water damage). For biological warefare, I would use some type of NATO threaded tubes going outside but pointing in different directions for wind current so that you get all sides of the wind blowing and put some gas mask filters on them (Although some will say that gas mask filters only last x number of minutes/hours) you might want to research this.
We have the neighbor hood golden gloves champ with us, so he can manually pump the air through a filter so we can breath and have fresh air. Jk

They sell pumps that you connect to the shelter. It has a multi filter for different things. It has its own power supply or connects to the generator. Or u pump it manually every so often. Like in the doomsday bunkers tv show. And damn. My house doesnt have that much space.
We have linked up with another non profit group and are going to dig out the facility with excavators and then get funded to secure and cement it and add what we need over time and as funding comes in.
But we plan on a minimum of 150,000 sf on 5 acres and add to that little by little. air circulation is an absolute must with this facility. We are out in western Texas, so having the appropriate equipment to circulate air is a must.
as an alternate passive system you can use pvc tubing. place one 3 ft above ground and based on circulation needs a second in the opposite end of the faclity 6-8 feet higher.
this will create a natural chimney effect. use as many of each and by diameter to suite.
I am the Casting Director for Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo TV. We are still casing for our show. Our goal is to educate our viewers about preparedness and provide important prepping takeaways. I came across your information and was hoping that you would be interested in speaking with me about the casting call. This is such a great opportunity for any prepper.
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I look forward to hearing back from you!

My best,
Brooklyn Bagwell
There goes the neighborhood! ROFL!

Looking for a few good Nutjobs! :)
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look into radon ventalation systems i hav seen a few of these in use
very low power use
dont recall volume of air though
I really hope I wrong, but if you have the ability and money to build a 150,000sq ft. underground bunker, you ask for advice on air circulation and venting from an internet forum? Sounds like a troll or wantabe. I have gained very valuable knowlege from this site, but its still just a forum. I will not bet my life on anything I read on here or for that matter any site.
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