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Two question for one post ! Primers and factory ammo, how much

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Q1. If you are a reloader your most vulnerable supply is power and primers. How much do you want on hand to feel comfortable? I understand there is no good answer and that it is a individual preference, I'm just interested in your preference for lbs of powder and number of small and large primers?

Q2. For calibers you don't reload or want for possible barde, how much is enough for you to feel comfortable. Like above there is no good answer, its just personal preference.

At this time I've yet to begin reloading due to the problems we all faced since December. Cartridges on hand are 3k per caliber. Most of that is to cushion any price spike like we have had. I was lucky and not smart and picked that up a week after the last election. A county in my area started talking of a bullet tax and that motivated me to dig in and buy big.
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One thing I did is carefully read a reloading manual for the calibers you need.

In my case I found H335 can be loaded for my rifles, 204 Ruger, 223/556, 308, 30-06 for my M1, and even the 444 marlin. So this one powder covers just about all my needs. Granted it may not be the best but it will work. Sure I use some other powders for special hunting/target loads but really only need the one.

Same with pistol. Unigue can be used for just about all smaller caliber pistols. 380 all the way to 45 colt.

So it's easier to concentrate on finding just those two powders to stock up on for all your loading needs. The amount you "need" is up to you to decide for your situation. Start reloading NOW don't wait, get the equipment and supplies while you can.
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