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We are opening classes at Tularosa and if you are local and want to play a part, write and come visit.
Don't want to ruin surprises, but we have a multi facet plan that makes a place for everybody at their age/interest and still keeps the temple for the devoted.
We are about $600 away in stall mats and safety gear and looking for a barn or larger place we can do all aspects in, as close to a monastery as one can get, so they can see and take things for their selves, like where the wine and cheese come from and how we make our own gear and weapons & etc.

"Up to the age of 40, my life was like a perpetual Spring" - Ip Man

I am 58 and was forced to retire, because even though I am not overweight or even much weight at all (6ft 138lbs) a left sided coronary, the "widow maker" snuck up on me and I didn't know until people I cared about were in danger and set it off good. I'm the dying dragon but we don't really think (we hope!) that will happen soon if I can go back to monastic living for a couple years and maybe get some angioplasty when its safe again (if its ever safe again)

And sorry to ramble, there's a video on rumble that specifically says "teaching Americans" and here is David Carradine saying if everybody had kung fu, it would be impossible for totalitarians to oppress people into anything. David Carradine Prevents Communism circa '72-73 at the same page.
Ok! just as soon as the last touches are on we will schedule classes and "I am looking forward to fighting you".
(Poster is a draft and web site not live yet, but email works great! )
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Welcome from DFW Texas. Sounds like fun. Tularosa is one of my old pals favorite chili powders. Small world out there. I used to work with a grumpy old yankee who claimed to have a black belt. He always swore he was going to take it off and give me a spanking with it..but he never quite got around to it. lol
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