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Brainstorming tools that I will be putting on here for preppers to make the site more interesting, helpful, productive as well as others linking into the site. This will have to be a secure area for members where trust is granted, information will not be displayed to other members, and notes all over saying to record this data somewhere else in case of data loss. Just a reference guide for members. Need to incorporate a ajax type control panel for the members for this. Guests and lurkers that try to use this area will be asked to sign in, thus generating more members for the site.

1. Distance map (Point A to Point B) as the crow flies as well as route planner. (Note: preppers can graph out "escape" routes for their state or area and print them out.

2. Prepper Goals. Members can have a dashboard where they can list their goals, long or short term in the control panel for the member. For example, say acidlittle wants to store 100lb of beans for the 2012 year. Can have a goal reached or progress graph also.

3. Start a new group: Where preppers in certain areas can start new groups up and describe about it and have a set number of join list.

4. Have maps of geographical data in regards to best places to live with statistics, high hurricane areas, nuclear plants and the fallout zones, high gang rates, earthquake faults etc.

5. Have a "My Events" for the member where they can jot down that they attended a certain seminar, training, program etc. Mainly this might be a calendar type specific to the user. Also, there should be a "Submit an Event" whiteboard or calendar for people to see public information. Example "Gun show in Ohio"

6. Gear Tracker: For members where they can track exactly what brand, make model fields and even put a "need to get a new one" type of tab on there or a expiration date for the gear. For example if someone is using a water filter or gas mask and the expiration date is 2 years out, they can put this on the gear tracker notes or it would be good for the gear tracker to alert them or highlight the gear that is expired.

7. Food Tracker: Same thing as #6, but doing this for food that expires if the members want to recycle, donate, or use up getting ready to expire foods.

8. Storage Calculator: Like the LDS food storage calculator based on given caloric needs.

9. Prepper Plans. Basic, intermediate, Advanced. Also can put in there "Winter Prepping Plan, Garden Prepping Plan, Communication Prepping Plan, Food Prepping Plan, weapon prepping plan etc) which will be specific to what the particular member needs.

10. Have a "My Prepping Groups" where members can see which groups if any they belong to.

11. Have a "Disaster Zones in my area" where members can jot down or a program automatically shows the common disasters in their area or statistics so they are aware of the dangers where they might be living.

12. Personal bests? Like on where some members record how fast they can get packed and out of the house? Like a timer type widget.

13. Meeting places. For family members to review every so often so they know where the meeting place is during a fire, if there is a disaster in their area etc.

14. Weater ticker for their area.

15. Personal links that they don't want to share, but they can only see in their control panel.

16. My progress reports for the month, year.

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what about a live chat room on here? That way people can chat screen to screen!
It'd be neat if the gear tracker had a place to put what you spent on each item that automatically calculates the total and you can make a list of the items you want, it'll show you a % prepared so you can visually see the progress?
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