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I've heard Ayn Rand is another prophetesque (don't use this wonderful word in any sort of article or document because it's made up) author up there with Orwell, but never read Atlas Shrugs.
Amazon Prime had the movies. Not sure if the still do. They were done fairly well. Worth the watch.

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I have never met anybody that has read Atlas or Fountainhead that did not say it changed their life.

Smitty: You were a public defender. That is what the military is. You defended my family and I am very appreciative for that. In that role, I am pretty sure righted a lot of wrongs done to oppressed people too.
Fountainhead was an outstanding movie.
Raymond Massey played the convincing antagonist Gail Wynand to contrast Gary Cooper's Howard Roark.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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