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Some survivalists and preppers devote a lot of space and money towards the storing of toliet paper. That is good and I commend them for it but what if you have limited storage and/or money and had rather devote it to food? There are alternatives to toliet paper. Consider reusable cloth toliet paper…keep a stack of squares close to the toliet and when you use them, put them into a diaper pail type of container with a lid. In fact, thinking of them as diapers might help with the yuck factor. It would probably make for a dreaded laundry day but…sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If you can manage to store some toliet paper, you could use the reusable cloths for urine and save the tp for the um…other. Also, if you happen to have an outhouse or have the need to build an outhouse, catalogs are okay for wiping and discarding down the hole. Old Farmer’s Almanacs used to have a hole in the corner for hanging on the wall in the outhouse. I’ve heard of old timers using corn cobs but to me, that sounds like it could be a little rough. If you can, plant some hollyhocks around the outhouse, you could pull off a couple of their soft leaves before going in. They reseed themselves and come back yearly. Leaves of different types would also be okay as long as you know what they are…don’t use anything that has glossy leaves and grows in groups of threes.
Other items for thought

• Seashells (In adbundance on costal regions)
• Sheep wool
• Duck, chicken, bird feathers
• Pine needles
• Pine cones
• Fruit rinds/shells
• Lace
• Moss
• Hay
• Hemp
• Snow
• Ferns
• Lakes or rivers that are not used for drinking

Regardless of what you “have” to use, make sure to always keep your hands and other “areas” clean, and also to repect the land and consider others that might be walking or using the same area
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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