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Time for a new emergency radio.

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What's everyone else using. This is one of the things I've been slack on just keeping around a small battery powered AM/FM. And it's gone by by. I was looking at these. Anyone got one they really like and think is great?

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Pure Digital Dynamo and Solar Powered Shortwave Radio with NOAA bands, KA600

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I had two of the little hand crank Kaito radios I gave to my daughter after trying two other models.

Tecsun PL-660 and a CCRadio. The PL-660 will slightly outperform the CCRadio, slightly, but honestly the 660 has so many little functions and mult-use buttons, unless you use it a lot, or get out the manual, it gets a little frustrating. The CCRadio you can just turn on, it has a few knobs that are clearly labled and away you go listening to anything you like. Both outperform the Kaitos so much they aren't even comparable (why I gave the Kaitos away).

Tecsun PL-660 PLL World Band Receiver Product Reviews

Benefit of the MUCH bigger & heavier CCRadio other than simplicity of use, it's sound quality is excellent. But when it comes to really dialing in distant, weak signals, the little PL-660 has the edge.

Both run on multiple power sources (no crank though), and both pick up loads of channels from south of the border, Europe, and a few from other countries I don't even understand the languages (their not English, German or Spanish). :D
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If your going to listen to SW at all, get used to hearing crazy annoying evangelist bible thumpers trying to convert everyone!!! OMG! There are dozens of them on 24hrs a day, broadcasting from all over the world! Mostly old timey evangelist ranting and raving. Gets pretty annoying... Even for those who believe!
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