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Time for a new emergency radio.

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What's everyone else using. This is one of the things I've been slack on just keeping around a small battery powered AM/FM. And it's gone by by. I was looking at these. Anyone got one they really like and think is great?

Radio Electronic instrument Audio equipment Portable media player Gadget

Pure Digital Dynamo and Solar Powered Shortwave Radio with NOAA bands, KA600

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This is an area of prepping that I need to put more effort into. I have one of those Dewalt Jobsite radios that charges (and can run off of) 18 volt batteries. I also have a really small handheld from countycomm that has a SW band. I need to further educate myself on emergency radios and hope to get into HAM once I get further along with some other preps. Security, water, food, medical and then the rest.
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