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Time for a new emergency radio.

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What's everyone else using. This is one of the things I've been slack on just keeping around a small battery powered AM/FM. And it's gone by by. I was looking at these. Anyone got one they really like and think is great?

Radio Electronic instrument Audio equipment Portable media player Gadget

Pure Digital Dynamo and Solar Powered Shortwave Radio with NOAA bands, KA600

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I question whether I really need the NOAA and shortwave. Whether AM/FM isn't enough. It always has been through so many hurricanes.
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I've been thinking ham too, but is getting a license just a path leading them to your door, when the gov only want folks to hear their propaganda and not the real truth? Foreign gov shut down or restrict the web all the time. Not trying to hijack your thread, just to get the gist of it. Can we rely on any comm without it being censored or scrambled? Just my thoughts.:) Sorry for going off-track, no ideas on what radio to get.
No worries bud. Let it out. It brings thought to minds of what's worth having and not.
I've been reading review and looking at the Sangean stuff. They have some nice choices.

Sangean USA
Kinda funny but in the advertisement bar at the top this is the radio I have.

Eton FRX3 Hand-Turbine AM/FM/NOAA WX Alert Radio (Red) : Weather radios |
That's pretty nice and you can charge your cell off of it too.
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Well I bite the silver bullet and bought a Sangean ATS-505. It doesn't have the solar charger or rotary charging handle, but it's got good reported reception and sound quality. Being bit of an audiophile from being a musician for a long time, I'm kind of hard to overlook what's sounds good too. It has AM/FM, Shortwave dual conversion, SSB, fine tuning to 1 kHz steps, autoscan, lots of memory, comes with a case, power adapter and extended antenna to expand of signal capture. I bought some rechargeable batteries and will probably pick up a solar charger somewhere coming up. Should do what I need it to giving me the up to date and what's going on in this pisshole world and hopefully last a while. Now I need to keep saving for the new shotgun.

Communication Device Gadget Telephone Telephony Font

ATS-505 : FM-Stereo / MW / LW / SW
PLL Synthesized Receiver


Thanks for everyone's input.
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