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Time for a new emergency radio.

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What's everyone else using. This is one of the things I've been slack on just keeping around a small battery powered AM/FM. And it's gone by by. I was looking at these. Anyone got one they really like and think is great?

Radio Electronic instrument Audio equipment Portable media player Gadget

Pure Digital Dynamo and Solar Powered Shortwave Radio with NOAA bands, KA600

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Being a ham, I have a number of radio's. No, there will be no secure communication of any kind but I still want the option.

I too have an Eton. It's still new in the box but it's nice to know it' there if I need it. The shortwave will be good to hear what's going on from other points of view.
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Would you really worry about a license if the SHTF. Besides, I think I'd rather copy the comm and not say anything.
When the SHTF, all bets are off. Until then I enjoy my hobby AND I know how my radios work. Plus I know how to work my radios. So you're gonna wait until that time, turn on a radio, start dialing in any one of a number of frequencies, find out you need to ask a question, key up and maybe release the factory installed smoke?
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