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Three Days To Go!

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To the start of the regular NFL season!

And Kaepernick is back in action!

I think I put this in the wrong forum, my apologies. I thought I was in the General forum.
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Moved to General Talk.

Thought about moving this to the Bunker. Thought better of it.
Thank you, sorry about this. I thought I was in General Talk.
All good. I've made the mistake myself.
Dont care who ya are, that there is funny.

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Doesn't really matter who Nike supplies uniforms for. Trump will win a second term and continue to right the ship. Nike will continue to make money.

I care more about the ship being righted than I do about Nike making money.

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{Jammer stares at the N on his sneakers, trying desperately to remember where they came from.}
China most likely.
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