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Three Days To Go!

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To the start of the regular NFL season!

And Kaepernick is back in action!

I think I put this in the wrong forum, my apologies. I thought I was in the General forum.
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The NFL generates most of its revenue from Television and Advertisers. 2017 NFL Revenue ($14.1 Billion) was a record revenue year and the NFL distributed more than $8 Billion ($255 Million to each team) in revenue sharing. Additionally, each team has its own P&L based on its own revenue and expenses.

The NFL is a privately held corporation and thus does not publish their earnings, however the Green Bay Packers are the only publicly owned team and the info is available to stockholders.

Bottom line, the NFL experienced one of the best earnings years in 2017.

However, in my opinion, football in general is in a precarious position. Not only due to its ridiculous stance on political issues, but due to many other factors. I'll say that in the next 30 years, football will show decreasing participation at the youth level and this will certainly affect the NFL. But not in my lifetime.
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