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Thoughts about having a water well dug

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don't know about the rest up you, but in my mind, I sorta keep a list of: What has to be done, what needs to be done, and what I would like to have done, in that order of priority. Sadly having a water well dug falls into the last category. But living on public water does concern me, there are so many things that could go wrong, that would stop the flow of water. Of course, when people have water well dug, they usually use an electric pump to get the water from the well, but in case of no electric, a rope and bale system can be used and pull about 3 gallons of water out the well per trip, using nothing but human power.
I know a lot of people store water, In my mind, for a few days, or even a week or so, ok, but much more than that I don't see it practical, least not for me with limited storage space. I have also considered buying a water tank that fits into the bed of a truck to make trips to the river to retrieve water.
I don't know, a person, or at least speaking of myself only, has limited money, and there always seems to be things that really need attention, and money. It's hard to invest a considerable amount of money on something that may never be used.
Your thoughts we be more that welcomed.
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I think the right answer to water depends on context. You need to answer questions about your specific situation like how far you are from a reliable source, how often it usually rains, how much you use, and many other questions.

That said, I like rain collection as a starting point. First reason why is because it's passive. You don't need to expend much energy at all to harvest it. The larger your roof or collection surface is, the quicker it works. Second reason is because it's a much purer source than a stream. Depending on how well you maintain your system, you could probably drink for a few days without further treating it. I'd probably still filter it and boil (especially if it's sat for an extended period of time). Finally it's cheap and you cans scale it up or down as needed. You can start small with a tarp and a couple 5 gallon buckets and build your system up as your can more closely analyze how much you consume.

Wells are expensive. My father put one in at his cabin. I forget what the price was, but I know if they had to go much deeper, it would have exceeded his budget. The water can also contain mineral content that discolors your clothes or appliances. We constantly battle stains in our sinks and other surfaces. I know you can drink our well water, but we don't trust it yet until we get our filter system dialed in.

Above ground sources are great, but you'd consume valuable time and resources to get the water you need. I'd rather spend muscle, fuel, or both on other preps if possible.

The well clearly wins the convenience award though... and that says something too I guess.
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