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Thoughts about having a water well dug

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don't know about the rest up you, but in my mind, I sorta keep a list of: What has to be done, what needs to be done, and what I would like to have done, in that order of priority. Sadly having a water well dug falls into the last category. But living on public water does concern me, there are so many things that could go wrong, that would stop the flow of water. Of course, when people have water well dug, they usually use an electric pump to get the water from the well, but in case of no electric, a rope and bale system can be used and pull about 3 gallons of water out the well per trip, using nothing but human power.
I know a lot of people store water, In my mind, for a few days, or even a week or so, ok, but much more than that I don't see it practical, least not for me with limited storage space. I have also considered buying a water tank that fits into the bed of a truck to make trips to the river to retrieve water.
I don't know, a person, or at least speaking of myself only, has limited money, and there always seems to be things that really need attention, and money. It's hard to invest a considerable amount of money on something that may never be used.
Your thoughts we be more that welcomed.
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Lots of options well with electric pump, well with hand pump, well with drop tube, sistern rain collection system,

A couple of things,

The cost of an in ground well is totally dependant on the depth of the ground water in your area. since you are from West Virginia I would like to know what the make up of your soil is, are you going to be drilling through rock etc.

A person can drill in a well by hand a half dozen ways.

A very large bladder style storage tank can meet your requirements for days of storage. Are you providing water for your self or do you need to water live stock???

How many gallons a day on average do you need. My cows consume about 60 gallons a day minimum, so storage is almost out of the question, however I have a 1000 gallon trailer with 2" pump so I can go to a water source and pump on a 1000 gallons and truck it home, we use this for spraying etc, but once the gasoline was gone I would be screwed,

Determine how many gallons a day you need, if no live stock, you are looking at a gallon per person in SHTF, storage considerations in this scenereo are really very minor, In our area of Michigan, the driest weather stretch will be 18 days with out rain. WV is pretty wet and rainy.

If you have eves you can collect water off you can get an easy 100 gallons.

Another side note, I have a 25 gallon bladder tank, when the electricity goes out, we can draw 14 gallons out of the faucet before no more trickles out.

14 gallons is a lot in bad conditions.

I have considered framing in a 50 or 100 gallon tank from tractor supply in the high point of our vaulted ceiling, you would need a combination vacuum breaker on the tank, and some substantial support, a 100 gallon tank and water would be 900 lbs +- but the water would fill up and drain out if the well and electric was off, you would need to place a spring check valve on the incoming water to the home, so the neighbors would not get to use your water, most homes and businesses have reduced pressure back flow preventor that will take the place of the check valve, be careful of your air gap fitting and it's ability to drain your water off. Just a few ideas.
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