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This is America Amigo

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim; You're the man. Chuck Norris has nothing on you brother. ::clapping::

I don't think that hombre had anything to say because he didn't understand what the reporter was saying.

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I have no problem with legal immigration. I do have a problem with a refusal to assimilate into an American way of life, however.

Being in Texas is an ongoing social experiment, as I'm sure it is in the other border states. We obviously have a huge Hispanic population. I think we probably have as many illegals as we do legals. I have no problem with the legals as the Texas/Mexico cultural intermingling is a part of our heritage. Hell, there were quite a few Mexicans who fought along side our founders for freedom. The funny thing is, almost to a person, the legal immigrants I know have a real chip on their shoulder about illegals who choose to go around the system when you talk to them in private, but I rarely see any public statements of disapproval.

Thee is only one flag that is legally allowed to fly at the same height as the Red White and Blue, and it's because we fought alone for our independence. I have no problem with cutural loyalty, but if were to ever see something like the video I would do the same thing, although I think I would run Ol' Glory back up solo.
I have two very close friends and one family member who are of Mexican decent. One came here illegally, but ultimately went through the necessary steps to be here legally, without "encouragement" from the government. Pedro is as red-blooded american as you or I. "If I can do it, so can they." he says.

My brother in law, as he puts it, is an American of Mexican decent. Not Mexican-American. Born and raised in L.A., he understands Spanish, but cannot speak it. This was revealed to me when we were visiting my wifes family in San Diego. I wanted to go to Tijuana (never been) and Paul said "let's go". I said "cool, and when we get there I'll let you do the bartering because I don't speak Spanish." He said "I don't either." ??? He then explained to me his feelings on being an American of Mexican decent, illegal immigration (want's them all sent back, even his own illegal family members) and the fact that we speak english in this country, not spanish, and they should outlaw anything but english in public.

Another good friend of mine, also of Mexican decent, came to a gun show with me a few years ago. This was around the time that petitions were going around regarding Illegal Immigration. Those same petitions were present at the gun show. And he signed one. Everyone stopped in their tracks. He told the guy he doesn't care if they're in the country, they just need to do it legally and if caught, need to be sent back and forced to do it the right way. EVEN IF IT WAS HIS OWN FAMILY.

So yes, there are many out there of Mexican decent who view themselves as American first, Mexican second, and would find this type of egregious action insulting.
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"If any of you know an older Hispanic male very well you can imagine how getting called "Dude" by a 22 year old kid went over:lol:"

Probably about as well as the day my 20 year old daughters boyfriend called me "Bro". Which was preceeded by "relax". He informed me that he, my daughter and my 17 year old niece who was visiting from California "had their own thing goin' on and it was none of my business..." Turned out he was nearly dead wrong about that. ::redsnipe::
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