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This is a real event that just happened last night to a friend

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This is an email I just got from a friend of mine who has a ranch in Oklahoma, very rural and only put it here to show you what does happen out here in the woods.

Last night, about dusk, Sara was home alone, Mary was in town at grocery store, I was 100 miles away. A car with 3 scruffy guys drove up, one got out and rang the doorbell. Sara knows not to open the door, and had gone in another room where she could observe what was going on outside by reflections on mirrors and glass doors. I taught her that, and it works well. She saw the other two get out, and heard them discuss that they think the owners (my parents) died. She observed one guy walk to the back side of the house, and heard discussions that they would come back at night; that they might take a pickup parked in the drive........ She tried calling me, but, as often, I didn't hear my phone. She called the neighbor wife, 1/2 mile away. Sara called Mary, who immediately came home (10 minutes away). The guys left before neighbor arrived, but she has a good description of them and the car. Neighbor arrived, meanwhile Mary called wife of guy I was with, who called him, got message to me; I called another neighbor. Mary didn't realize that this was county jurisdiction; she tried to contact the city police to no avail. They now know. They spent evening with wife of the guy I was with until we got back home.
Today they are gone shopping, I'm in house, quietly waiting for suspects to return. I think I'll take a nap. I'm really grumpy and mean when I am awakened from a nap by strangers. I won't be nice. I won't open the door.

Lessons: Got to get a dog. Sara knows to call neighbors first then 911 next time. She knows where to hide and how to protect herself; and I'll have her practice more, as we haven't done any in over a month. A couple weeks ago I had told S & M that this would be a heightened season for theft approaching Christmas. Good thing, I have good neighbors.
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I'd leave it dark, I see real good at night, like a TomCat
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