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This could have happened in the Zimmerman/Martin case.

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I have no opinion in the trial itself, I'm upset about the social ramifications of the event. The media contorted this issue and racially manipulated the American People. They struck the deepest and darkest soft spot of the American Psyche. Now we are at odds with each other over this issue rather than pointing fingers at the Clown Show across the Potomac. Well played by the Media Monstrosity in my opinion.

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This country has been at odds with in it's borders for a long time, now it's the government that is driving in more edges to spinter the country even more. Bring the country to it's knees, one nobama blunder at a time, as has been nobama's plan from day one! Can't say nobama is being un American as he never was American!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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