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Thinking of starting a prepper group.

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I had the idea to start a club to get more teens my age into prepping. It's just a thought right now, but the idea is to have an efficient, like minded group of people when SHTF. The group would consist of different ranks, we would have supply caches spread out around our area, and we would do regular training. Good idea or no?
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I have to agree with you Comegetme... Im doing the same thing right now but what I am doing is networking with people who are on my similar level of understanding. Over the last few weeks alone I have been able to gain considerable grounds and assets with people who feel comfortable with cooperating with me in the event of a serious disaster (weather it be regional or national). And like everyone else in this thread I agree, you should start with people who are already prepping before you try and establish your own group. Also keep in mind that the more of a diverse group you have the better off you will be. Having a four people with four different skills and assests is better than having a 100 people with the same thing. Also have your network get together and do a meet and greet. Nothing calms the network and ensures a smooth transition like letting everyone see who they are dealing with in advance. Of course this builds trust and friendships as well, something that will be vital to your network once things get out of hand. I see you are in my area so if you would like to chat more just PM me.
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