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Thinking of starting a prepper group.

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I had the idea to start a club to get more teens my age into prepping. It's just a thought right now, but the idea is to have an efficient, like minded group of people when SHTF. The group would consist of different ranks, we would have supply caches spread out around our area, and we would do regular training. Good idea or no?
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There are strength in numbers. But you may find it difficult to keep them organized. This is not true for all teens, but as you know many of them are fickle. It will be fun and new for a few weeks, maybe even months. But then soon after they will likely begin to loose interest and move on to the next fad. So please make your selections carefully.

You may also think of joining with some older preppers out there. I am not saying that you are not knowledgeable. Im new here so I don't know a thing about you. But I would gather that there are a lot of things that you have yet to learn. Ive been prepping most of my adult life and I still learn something new every day. So instead of starting a teen only group, you may want to think about getting involved in a group that has already been established.
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