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These bug out bag "recommendations" are kind of sick

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I'm seeing things listed such as phone chargers, cash, IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS, etc. This is ridiculous.

In a SHTF scenario, you are not going to be allotted access to the luxuries of modern civilization, where you can pay for gas, etc. You are going to be reduced to a primitive state where the only things keeping you alive are your tools and knowledge

Where can I go to find the pertinent information needed to survive? Like where is a good site/channel for me to watch for someone who ISN'T just trying to grift and sell their own merchandise? I feel like I'm being led into a bad area and because I'm somewhat new to all of this, I don't know where to go to seek out the answers I need. Please help & advise me. Thank you.
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First welcome. Second how's about sitting back and listening to folks that have been doing this for awhile before jumping in half cocked

Having been thru a couple of real world events some things stay pretty consistent.

Events have an odd habit of evolving at their own pace. Some a lot slower than others.

For those slower events society doesn't always break down completely. So having key 🗝 document so One can reestablish their existence is critical.

In one case a large number of us were to be evacuated back to the mainland where life pretty much went on as usual. Since things like our IDs, bank accounts, vital records didn't exist on the mainland reestablishing our existence without those documents would have been very difficult .

Think Russian civil war and what the White's went through in Shanghai in the 20's and 30's. Yeah society has been thru this type of event many times
Thx for the welcome. I guess I'm getting a little far ahead. The kind of 'prepping' I'm preparing for is for a threat that's been levied against us by the WEF. They're talking about a large scale cyber attack which is going to completely shut down the grid. I have no reason to doubt this is going to occur within the next 36 months.That's where I'm at right now. I'm not trying to prep for a flood or some other natural weather catastrophe.

My ideal prepping (and again, this is just me as a beginner) is vacating the city limits and finding somewhere to setup in the bush. I do not want items on my person that run the risk of depletion after being accessed/used a handful of times. Think: purifying water using fire instead of relying on purification tablets or a 'lifestraw.' I'm trying to prepare for the absolute worst, forget about 'hoping for the best,' hope is a dangerous thing. In order to do this with the highest probability of success, one would need to have a plan, such as a destination in mind to head to where there is a body of water you can access to purify. I've never done this before, but just by thinking about this, this is what I would do. And from my limited research on prepping, no one seems to advise this method for some reason. And as I'm typing this, I realize how naive I might be to just have 'a' plan in mind, I should probably have a few plans in mind ready to go when the time comes.

I guess what I'm asking is, or for, rather, is a recommendation for a prepper guide without a list of Amazon affiliates. I want to survive in the bush for years if need be, I'll need knowledge on how to craft things in the wilderness if need be.
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