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These bug out bag "recommendations" are kind of sick

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I'm seeing things listed such as phone chargers, cash, IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS, etc. This is ridiculous.

In a SHTF scenario, you are not going to be allotted access to the luxuries of modern civilization, where you can pay for gas, etc. You are going to be reduced to a primitive state where the only things keeping you alive are your tools and knowledge

Where can I go to find the pertinent information needed to survive? Like where is a good site/channel for me to watch for someone who ISN'T just trying to grift and sell their own merchandise? I feel like I'm being led into a bad area and because I'm somewhat new to all of this, I don't know where to go to seek out the answers I need. Please help & advise me. Thank you.
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Where does this pervasiveness come from that "SHTF" always mean we're tossed back into the stone age in a matter of minutes? Like KellyDude says, that's not always the case. Likewise, 'bugging out' does not always mean one leaves their home and treks into the forest to hunt, fish, trap and garden with nothing more than a flint and steel and a good knife, only to end up living in a log cabin they built with their own hands.
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