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There in no way to stop economic crisis in the U.S.

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The idea that the world will fall into a economic collapse in my eyes is flawed I think the U.S. and maybe Europe. Producer nations are lending money to the consumer nations to buy the goods the producer nations are making, in return the producer nations get jobs, but what good are jobs if you can't buy anything and what good is a service sector consumer economy a fair trade to real goods? What would a mechanic tell you if you asked him to borrow money to pay him fix your car? Are the Chinese going to fly in to the U.S. for a haircut and a cup of coffee when they finally cash in there Treasury bonds? and to people who say the Chinese can't let us fall of they will lose 2 trillion dollars, is it better to loan us 20, 50, or 100 trillion more dollars they might not get back or get back with inflated monopoly money instead of cut their loses? Here are the two geniuses that won the last nobel prize in ecomonics (the guys we look to for answers to our economic problems), keep in mind they are both modern day "Keynesian" (spend your way to weath economist). Friedrich Hayek was the last "Austrian" (free markets capitalism) Economist to win the Noble prize in economics in early 1970's. This is actuall footage and you won't believe it! watch and share your opinion you know more than these guys!

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If our economy is under advisement from these guys we are doomed!
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