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There are some good Canucks!

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Ya gotta love this guy!

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In all the years I have dealt with them, I have never met one that was worth his salt.
I use to fly my plane up to Quebec almost ever other week, from early Friday to Sunday night.
Every one tried to put their hand in your wallet figuratively speaking.
There were plenty of rude, arrogant bastards to deal with.
There were those who had the Parisian habit of grabbing women (my wife in this case) by the crotch from behind. I nearly shot one of them while he was trying to.
Then there were the scumbags at the FBO who tried to manipulate the imperial gallon against the US gallon to get extra money out of the filling of roughly 40 US gallons.
Then there are my slime ball relatives who are card carrying members of the commie party.
I punched one of them out after his remarks about our infantry.
Have not been back since.
Then there are those who screwed me on eBay sales a few times, never any US sellers, just the bastards from Canada.
So, from my dealings with them, screw them all.
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Can't and won't argue your points but this pastor has his act together. I found myself cheering him on.
Oh, I will agree with you, he is great, but I don't think he is a natural born Kanuck.
Yes there a few more, but I really never met one in all my times up there.
They are better in Toronto and Hamilton, by a bit.
The ones at Hudson bay were non political, more tribal, Indians at that.
They took care of the summer camp for my aunt and uncle, God, that water was freezing in August!!
My great aunt and uncle lived in Hamilton, and I use to visit them, the other bastard relatives
lived in Toronto, would run into them at the aunt's house at times.
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So much hate towards your brethren North of the 49th and all I say is good things about you folks (expect for those bad people in Portland).

Well, that hatred was earned from actual face to face experiences I had with your people.
I don't know where you are located, but the those I referred to are in the big cities, Queerbeck, Hamilton and Toronto.
Even when I flew freight into Canada there was no difference in their attitude.
They act just like the liberal assholes in Boston, NYC and Bridgeport to name a few.
My animosity is not from this interweb, but from real life experiences, and I stand by those opinions.
Yeah the people in Portland suck Plus Boston, New Haven and others and they deserve what they get. They are all blessed with riots arson and murders.
Interesting. Been to the US a lot never really had any problems with your countrymen. When I've been travelling that's when I've met some real *sshats. Europe, Africa and especially Mexico. Maybe it's the water or the tequila. Anyway one good thing about hate is that it keeps you warm at night.

It has been about 45 years since I had any encounters up north, memories fade into the background.
I don't even think about them, to much energy wasted in it, just brought to the forefront here.
Yeah, hate will keep you warm at night along with a good AK in the bag with you.
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