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I live in an area that has severe thunderstorms during the late spring and all summer long, and the winds generated by these storms are powerful, and often lead to tornadoes being touched off. This happening at night while you are sleeping can result in an untimely death of you and your loved ones, as just happened in Texas.

I bought a Midlands weather radio a few years back, and use it all the time for monitoring weather, and for alerting me to NOAA weather warnings and alerts at night.

These work off the SAME (Specific Area Message Encoder) system, which is a special signal now included with weather service broadcasts to pinpoint alert areas within their broadcast range.

The SAME codes allow you to program the weather alert radio to your specific county, so you are not bothered by alerts all the time, but still receive alerts pertinent to your area.

This model has standard AC power and offers an optional 4 AA batteries backup power source in case your power gets knocked out. You can also power it off of 12 volt batteries in your vehicle or vessel.

It has a telescopic antenna, and also allows you to tune in FM radio broadcasts, so you can listen to the radio to music you like, and it switches automatically if an alert or warning is issued.

You can also add an external antenna, a strobe light (to help wake you up), or even a pillow vibrator (I am not going to touch that line....) using accessory jacks on the unit. It also has a wall bracket if you are so inclined.

I like having this in our master bedroom, and have it programmed for severe thunderstorms, tornado watches, and tornado warnings.

It also allows you to program in fires, hurricanes, floods, flash floods, avalanches, radiological alerts, hazardous material alerts, earthquakes and tsunamis.

It has a warning siren, with high or low settings, and that siren will wake you up. Especially if you sleep with a dog in the room who howls at sirens....

If you don't have one of these, I urge you to consider buying one - it really could save your life some day. And you can get a weather report anytime, day or night.


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We have two. One in the house, and I carry a small one, not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes, in my vehicle.
We have been doing this for years, it's Florida after all.
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