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The Martial Arts In General, And If You Practice One, Tell Me About It.

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I have the Gold belt in Tae Keon Do, which is the lowest. But, in a real street fight, I would give any thug more than he would ever want. I can beat a very tough man if the stakes were high enough, I have before. That is pretty tough talk for a fat old man isn’t it?

My instructors in TKD were all black belts, and I learned what I should from them.
I taught a 14 year old black belt that it ain’t all about doing katas: because I ran him out of the ring, and the men took over from there. Anyway I didn’t run either of them out of the ring.

OK, enough of an intro.

If the art that you are practicing cannot be used as an in extremis fighting skill, to take out an attacker, you need to work on that. What I am saying is that you need to be at a level and mindset , that if you have to kill and maim, that you are capable of that.

I have heard a litany of reasons to learn a martial art: it builds character and self confidence , and it does, but we live in a world filled with brutality. A brute is someone that must be dealt with in a brutal manner. My personal way of being brutal is to use sticks, or in my case a walking stick made of aluminum. I made it myself, I could take out a pit bull with it....or I think that I could.

There is a BJJ studio over on 34th street, and I am going over there and see what they charge. If it is too much, I will just teach myself. I did that with wrestling, my brother and I would wrestle up a storm. We had a great big yard to do it in, and we taught each other some hard moves.

Try getting out of a headlock when the guy that you are wrestling is an ox. And you ain’t lived until you have rolled over a dog turd, and it’s all over your shirt.
Jesus God In Heaven! To say that I stunk, just isn’t poignant enough.

Or, get your head rolled over a dang rock and see what that does for you. It delivered a TKO for me, and the match was over, just like that.

OK, let me stop for a while, and I will pick up later.
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BJJ.. did that for 6 years, taught, I think it’s one of the most effective forms of martial arts. What most people do t realize is that 95% of physical encounters go to “the ground”.. either somone is trying to put YOU there, or you’re trying to do the same to them... if you don’t have a ground game, you’re toast. Being comfortable on the ground is paramount to survival in a fight. most people just curl up in little balls and start crying...
While there is merit to what you said, it starts to fall apart when you have multiple attackers. BJJ is a sport and a darned good one but getting back on your feet is an important life saving thing to do.
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