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The mack daddy of can organization and rotation

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Well, I 'll be getting this next payday for sure. It will make life sooo much more gooder!!!!

The Harvest 72" Food Rotation System
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Nadja has skilz! I couldn't build a birdhouse!
I guess the biggest stall for me with these or any other type of systems are that if you buy a can of chili for example that has an expiration date of 2015 and then a week later you go to a different store and get the same can of chili that has an expiration date of 2014 and you don't look at the dates (who has the time!) then you eat your 2015 can first. SHTF and then your just stuck with a 2014 can.

I guess thats where the logistics group member comes into play prior to shtf. But for single folks trying to manage all other preps, as deal with everyday other issues, that could wear one out.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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