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The Encyclopedia of Country Living

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Just bought this book to give it to my wife, as a stocking stuffer, for Christmas from Santa Claus.

Spent most of the day looking through it myself before my son and I wrapped it and put it under the tree.

I gotta say it is a fairly comprehensive, well thought-out book. Large and thick and full of info. Worth owning for sure.

Check it out - I got it on sale this morning at Lowes, off their book rack, for $24.94 regular $29.95.

Amazon has it for $19.95 plus shipping. I've got a library full of good prepper books, but this one is liable to become one of our favorites around here. It appears to get great reviews everywhere I look:

creativity « Becky's Farm Life

Some others worth owning:

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We're going to have to update our Country Living book. We have this 1982 version and we have almost wore it out. It's great to browse through it on those cold winter nights by the woodstove. I'm, sure your new one is more up to date but the old timer's version is good too.
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