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The Encyclopedia of Country Living

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Just bought this book to give it to my wife, as a stocking stuffer, for Christmas from Santa Claus.

Spent most of the day looking through it myself before my son and I wrapped it and put it under the tree.

I gotta say it is a fairly comprehensive, well thought-out book. Large and thick and full of info. Worth owning for sure.

Check it out - I got it on sale this morning at Lowes, off their book rack, for $24.94 regular $29.95.

Amazon has it for $19.95 plus shipping. I've got a library full of good prepper books, but this one is liable to become one of our favorites around here. It appears to get great reviews everywhere I look:

creativity « Becky's Farm Life

Some others worth owning:

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Yes, I have a copy as well. It is loaded with solid information and anyone planning on living on a homestead, minifarm or BOL should have a copy. There is a yahoo group for those who benefit from the book as well. Search for Country Living in yahoo groups.
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