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The Emergency Pantry

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Any one read this one, it looks good.,aps,268
I got a brief chance looked at the contents, but didn't buy it. Probably should have bought it, though no reviews.
Anybody read The emergency pantry?
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We'll since I'm not one for waiting around, and no one seems to have read it or know anything about it, I'll be the Guinea pig:)
I bought a copy in paperback, and the Mrs. is reading it. Since the pantry is her bailiwick I think she should have first crack at it...
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I was not impressed with the book. thought it would be a good start for a beginer but didn't really go into much detail, just skimmed over a bunch of different subjects.
I'm not sure that a beginner needs a lot of detail to start with. It's easy to overwhelm a novice with too much information.

The wife is reading it, so I can only skim it for the time being. It does appear to contain lists and proceed in a logical fashion. I figure if I can pick up a few tips or it gives me an idea that I hadn't thought about, or perhaps a better way of doing what I'm already doing then it's worth the money.
Thankfully you work with some very nice people and have a great boss. Knee injuries can really hamper a person.

My wife was helping a friend move, two days before Christmas (about fifteen years ago) and she had closed the tailgate on the pickup then decided she wanted to put one more item in the back of the truck. Being December in a northern state it was icy. One foot inside the bed of the truck the other on the bumper and she slipped and fell. The foot on the bumper wedged under the tailgate as she fell to the driveway.

We had to wait a month for the swelling to go down before they could do a surgery to repair the damage and second surgery to tweak the first surgery. Hopefully your knee injury isn't quite as bad.
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"Emergency pantry"

I've often considered how nice it'd be post SHTF if we could lock ourselves inside a Sams Club and barricade the doors... :D
That would be a lot easier than trying to create a pantry from scratch!
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